Rethinking shopping

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping. Actually I went more for the drive and Costco, than I did for the shopping. I did buy a few small Christmas gifts.

I did treat myself to a large coffee and a chocolate chip oatcake from the Second Cup ( 5.75 and very good). I bought this after I roamed the mall and started to suffer from envy. Yes, I was watching people buying bags and bags of stuff in the mall, looking at the clothes people were wearing and thinking: I wish I had the money to dress like that, or I wonder where she got those boots? I bought the treat,went to my car to sit and drink the coffee. I knew that my impulses were getting low and bailed on the mall. I texted the others, told them where I was, and within 20 minutes the others were done and ready to hit the road to Costco.

Even at Costco, I'd put stuff in the cart and take it out after a little bit. I did end up with new pillows, panties, a gift, apples and yogurt.

I managed to stop the little green monster and still have fun! Now, I just need to get a few more things and I'll be done the buying of gifts. I'll just need to do some baking and decorating, and I'll be ready for the season.


Tania said…
Good job on keeping your impulses on check and keeping your expenses within reason! I agree, being in malls or any shopping area can make that green monster seem so much larger and imposing.
Sharon said…
It's so hard, isn't it? Stores are loaded with stuff this time of year. I'm so glad I'm done so I won't have to enter any stores!
Anonymous said…
This happens to me all the time, being envious of everything everyone else is buying while I am Christmas shopping! Then I think to myself "wonder if they're using cash or credit" and just assume that they're racking up debt left, right, and centre. Then I don't feel so bad because we're living within our means and paying for everything with cash!! LOL.
Jane said…
Hey, I could have helped you out with pillows lol; I donated some to Talize just yesterday!
Oatcakes WITH chocolate chips? That beats the plain oatcakes at Starbucks - yum!
You might envy someone their boots, but they would envy your fiscal restraint! Way to resist temptation Sam!
~Carla~ said…
Good for you!! Sometimes shopping is just too easy & tempting isn't it?!
Canadian Saver said…
I only go to the mall you were at about once or twice a year, max, and when I do it's to a few stores and back out. Otherwise I can spend hundreds cuz there are too many temptations.

Same with Costco. I have such a bad case of the wants there... You did great!

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