Just wondering?

I've been to two funerals in the past three weeks. Emotionally draining, it is. I noticed that other bloggers have been doing the same in the past few weeks. I'm just wondering if there seems to be more people passing away or is there more people blogging about it? Eboo, this question is for you: is there particular times of year where there are more deaths than others? Morbid I know, but this is on my mind.


Jane said…
There's an old saying that goes "a green Christmas fills the cemetery" but since we're not at Christmas yet it doesn't really have any bearing. I hope Eboo can fill us in!
~Carla~ said…
It woud make sense... Stress levels & depression rates rise at this time of year, so it wouldn't surprise me sadly... :(
Antie Eboo said…
I'll do a short post on it for you. There are some parallels that are interesting.

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