It's a sun shiny day!

It's nice and sunny here today, and a lovely 4 degrees Celsius at 8:30. I foresee a lovely walk in the woods later on.

I got paid on Thursday and did the usual paying bills, etc. Supper was seafood lasagna ( Presidents choice on sale a few weeks ago for 5.99), and it was yummy! It fed DD and I for two meals and it's something I'll by again.

I decided not to enter the grocery store yesterday, but today I'll have to go and get a few things like milk, onions, bananas and mushrooms.

I did work last night and brought home 110.00 ( all of which I made in 4 hours), as I never took another table after 9:00. I also added another 100.00 to my spending money for my vacation, bring the total up to 229.00 American. ( only 71.00 more to go).

This weeks meals will be simple, omelets with roasted potatoes, stir fry, and soup. I'll make some chili today, and freeze it for lunches. Breakfast will be oatmeal with fruit and yogurt. I may even make some banana bread and pizza dough to freeze.

Now I'm off to join my family for breakfast!


Canadian Saver said…
It is indeed beautiful out, although I wasn't up as early as you to enjoy it!

That's a good amount of $$ to make in 4 hours, way to go!

When is your trip south?
~Carla~ said…
It's cold & dreary here today... :/ Great job on your savings! You'll be at your goal before you know it!! :)
Jane said…
Wondered where the sun was, it sure isn't hanging around here!

Yay for oatmeal! I just made my weekly batch (threw in a little vanilla and slivered almonds this time - yummy!
Tanner said…
Oatmeal, oatmeal... that's surely the wintery version of breakfast. Congrats on the extra money. That's very nice especially for this season.
jpkittie said…
Yum!!! Sounds great!!!! I am ready for snow personally!!!

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