It's coming fast!

Christmas that is. I'm staying on target ( for the most part) but I did buy one thing that was on my wish list for a few years. I bought a second hand Wii complete with a fitness board, numbchucks and three games for 180.00. I forgot it at the office yesterday, so I'll bring it home next week-end.

This weekend is going to be jam packed. Events include groomer for puppy, hair cut for me ( after 13 weeks of not having a hair cut), helping out a friend with her daughter's b-day party, a school fund raiser, a visit to a new baby ( I'm excited about seeing her!), and an evening out with DD that she paid for! In between all this, it'll be getting things sorted through in the basement, walking the dog and attempting to cook something. I'll pick up a few essentials at the grocery store ( milk is a must). I'm also going to do a couple of loads of my laundry ( DD's been home all week, and it's piled up down stairs, but I'm only doing mine, plus the towels). I'll also get some cleaning done in between events.

I also need to tweak my resume, write a cover letter and send it off to head office. If I go back to my old job, it's the job that I want ( but I'll have to transfer which I'm ok with).

There's an old saying " no rest for the wicked" and that's what this week-end is looking like, no rest, but lots of fun ( for a change).

Happy Saturday everyone!


Sharon said…
Sounds busy but fun! Enjoy!!
~Carla~ said…
My Granda says, "no rest for the weary & the wicked don't need it!" lol! ;) Have a great weekend!!
Jane said…
You have a jam-packed weekend indeed! Isn't is a lovely treat when the DD pays?? It happens only rarely around here but I do appreciate it and make the most of it when it does happen:)

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