Friday, a mixed bag!

I turned 42 yesterday... I don't feel any older, but my body does these days! I came home to a clean house ( thanks to my DD, my mom and one of my darling Aunties). I had supper at my mothers, and received flowers, some new cutlery ( which I'm in desperate need of), two cute mugs and lots of birthday wishes. I hug out with my two oldest friends ( we've been friends since 1975- 36 years), and we laughed, told stories and enjoyed each others company for a few hours.

On the not so good side, someone I worked with for the past few years passed away yesterday. That one hits close to home.

I'm taking this week end off work to spend some much needed time with friends and family. Long walks, some minor house work and lots of visiting are in order.


jpkittie said…
Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it was a fab one!!!! :)
The Witch said…
Happy Birthday to you Sam!!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating.
Way to go DD nothing better than Mom coming home to a nice clean house.
Sorry to hear about one of your co-workers, that can be tough.
Jolie said…
I hope you had a fantastic day. It's nice sharing the exact same age as another blogger :-)
Jane said…
Happy Birthday Sam! What a nice weekend you have planned - spending time with old friends and with family is my favourite weekend activity too!
Sounds like a fun day! Enjoy your week off!
ND Chic said…
Happy Birthday! Glad you are doing well.

Sorry to hear to co-worker had passed. That is very hard.

Enjoy your weekend off :)
Canadian Saver said…
Happy belated Birthday!! Make it a great weekend!!

Sorry about your coworker :-(
~Carla~ said…
I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! :) A clean house is a wonderful gift!!

So sorry to hear about your co-worker... :(
Tanner said…
Well, you're staying very sharp mentally. The body part can't be fiddled with too much. So happy birthday!

Losing someone can indeed make it a bittersweet weekend, but focus on the good memories from that person and not on the loss. Sorry to hear about their passing.

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