Sunday, oh sweet Sunday!

This past week has not been the greatest. My aunt passed away after battling cancer, ( it was sad but we talked to our parents about their funeral plans, which are not in place and I asked my mom to please have everything ,down to their clothes arranged, which they are doing in a few weeks). I got paid on Thursday and have 45.00 to my name until I get my pay from my PT job next week. I have groceries ( DD will give me money towards the groceries), and will spend part of today cooking up a storm.

So far today, I've made pineapple stir fry, a pot roast( I sliced it in half, and slice half into thin strips to be used for stir fry), I have veggies that need to be cut and ready to eat raw, salad to make and lunches to prep for the week. I'm going to make some type of cookies and pizza dough to freeze. There's cheese to shred and maybe even a pot of potato soup to be made.

The dog will get a well deserved walk, I'll have a clear head and I'll feel better. Here's to a better week!


Jane said…
Sorry to hear about your aunt Sam. Thankfully my parents wrote down their wishes so we knew what to do when they each passed away. I've seen the mess some folks have to deal with when there are no plans, no will, no nothing so hope your parents follow through. It's a tough enough time as it is without having to plan from scratch.
The Witch said…
Sorry to hear about your Aunt. I think it is good that you talked this over with your parents. It's not something most people want to deal with but it sure helps the ones left doing the planning at such a difficult time. I pre-arranged for Grandmother and it was the best thing I ever did.
Enjoy all your good eats. The pineapple stir-fry sounds good. Is it a hard recipe to make?
Enjoy your week.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear of your aunt's condolences go out to your whole family.

It's always good to have this type of talk with our parents. My grandparents had everything planned down to what they were to wear, to the ladies who were helping with the luncheon after the service. They also had clear instructions in their wills. It makes things so much easier. My own parents have everything planned as well.
Canadian Saver said…
My condolences on the loss of your aunt :(

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