Spendy day and I didn't even leave the house!

Today, I finally got my back time! So I paid bills, CC's and money on the LOC ( I didn't pay it in full yet, as I had little bills to get finished! I did join CAA, for 110.00, and I'll get some perks from that . I had free road side assistance until my car hit 60,000 kms, which it did yesterday. Considering that I drove over 1200 kms since Sunday, it's a must.

I did end up taking today and tomorrow off work. I'm happy that I did, and I got my living room thoroughly cleaned, including the curtains washed and rehung. I also put away 3 baskets of clean clothes in DD's room, and managed to get three bags of papers ready for shredding, papers filed, and the dog got a lovely walk.

I have a story to share about our walk. We were walking along, and I saw an empty Cheetos bag laying on the trail. The dog stopped to sniff the bag, and I saw the bag move, then spotted a fuzzy gray tail sticking out of the bag. The dog stood still, and suddenly a gray squirrel scrambled out of the bag, and up the nearest tree. The dog was dumbstruck and didn't react until the squirrel was safely up the tree. I'm standing on the trail howling with laughter and watching the dog sniff frantically, looking for the squirrel. I wish that I had a camera with me.


Jane said…
Ooooooh yes but a GOOD kind of spendy!! Dumb dog - just couldn't believe his eyes! ALWAYS carry a camera, that's another one of my many mottos! Hope things improve at work - I've had my own work issues lately - would love to take a WEEK, no a MONTH off!
Sounds like you got a lot accomplished today! Funny story about your dog!
Sharon said…
Too funny! that must have been a small squirrel to fit into a cheetos bag!

Yes, I, too, can spend a lot of money without ever leaving the house!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Sometimes cameras could tell a story so much better!

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