So, I wandered off to the grocery store this afternoon...

And I still have 4.92 left for the next ten days. However, I should make out like a bandit, as I have lots of food! I have a chicken to roast ( from the freezer), beef to use in beef and broccoli, pork to cut and marinade for kebobs, bacon for breakfast and supper, the fixings for a huge pot of chili, beef for a Sheppard's pie (that spelling doesn't look right), 40lbs of potatoes, lots of chicken stock and veggies. Oh and frozen blueberries and strawberries. I've got everything to make banana bread, pizza, etc! Now, to make my list of things to do tomorrow and I'll get cooking.

Thanks for the "limit" the grocery spending for the last two weeks of the month. I should make out OK, especially if DD will buy the fruit and milk next week.


Jane said…
I've been stretching my grocery dollars this month too and we've been eating very well! Grocery shopping every Sat. was just a habit, it is possible to skip a week and make out just fine!

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