How I did for the challenge?

Starting October 1, 2010 I'll be joining Sharon and Maureen in an adventure, where the focus for me will be to live my life or " Paddling my Own Canoe", and when I chose to spend my money, it will be with a purpose. I will buy foods I love, but fast food... bye bye. If I chose to dine out- it will be at a "real resturaunt" with "real food". ( I'm doing good with this one, I really don;t like to eat out at all now, I usually don;t like the food! I do love one placefor breakfast however)

For me personally, my biggest challege will be smoking. However, I'm starting a running program within the next week or so, and the goal is to train in 9 weeks for a 5 KM run. So roughly around the first week of December or so I'll have completed a 5 KM run... Deep breath, Sam deep breath, you can do this! ( not even close!)

I will spend money on my health-new sneakers-exercise class. ( nope, still don;t have new sneakers)
I will save 1000.00 towards a week's cottage vacation or camping trip. ( no)
I will pay off my MC and snowball those payments.( paid off !)
I will have a balance of 1000.00 in my chequing account by October 1, 2011. ( no)
I will have a minimum of 2000.00 saved in my TSFA.( nope)

I will have a set " spending amount" for each month. ( TBA)
I will continue to find joy in the every day. ( yep)
I will buy make-up when necessary ( no more FRUMP for me). ( I do)
One more thing... I'm ready to start "dating" again... So, I'd like to go on a date a month ( maybe more). Just throwing that one out there! ( Bah ha, remember my one date back in January! However I wil date if asked, or I meet someone that is remotely interesting)

Now what to do for the next year? any ideas?


Jane said…
Ummm buy new sneakers? I bit the bullet and bought some new ones when I was in PEI (course they were on for half price!)
I'm thinking "The Year I Got Healthy" for myself, and I suggested it to Sharon also.
Having billions of dollars didn't help Steve Jobs beat cancer - there's nothing more valuable than your health!
Sharon said…
Okay, I want to do a 5K too! Buying sneakers? Yes, that is on my list too!

Thank you for going on the journey with me, it was a quick year wasn't it?

I'm still trying to figure out another challenge...let me know if you figure anything out! :)!

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