Christmas spending

I've sat down and roughly figured out spending for the Christmas holidays. I've figured out 1000.00 ( or less should do it). Now before everyone has a heart attack, I must explain something. My family has a week-end planned that will have an over night stay in a hotel planned, plus a lovely meal and an over night stay at the kennel for the dog. I totally forgot about the weekend away until last week. It's something that my parents really want to do ( and frankly I'm thinking that my father's health is on a rapid decline and who knows if he'll be here next Christmas), we'll go. I have a budget of 350.00 for that. 300.00 ( or less ) for DD, 200.00 for the other kids/family. 150.00 for food, tree etc.

For the little ones, I'm planning on buying books. If I can get my hands on a scholastic book order form, I'll buy them that way. My older nephews will get movie cards. I'll pick up some little lego for my two younger nephews, and DD? Well, she started a list for me, following the 4 gifts rule ( want, need, wear, read). Stocking stuffer's I usually cash out my Shoppers points and buy the stuff that way ( paying only the tax).

I'll check my paper goods and see if I need anything else. ( I may need some cards, but I'll buy those at the dollar store).

Food wise, I'll do some baking, homemade bread is always good, along with chocolate balls and a few other things, but I have most of the things I need for that already!

Anything I'm missing off the list?


Canadian Saver said…
I think $1,000 is actually not bad if you include everything listed! Tree, overnight trip, etc. I usually budget $600 just for gifts and the other stuff accumulates so fast!
The Witch said…
If your parents really want to do this trip it must be very important to them, so ya I would definitely be going.
$1,000.00 is not really that bad when you figure out what you are getting and the gift ideas you have planned for the young ones are good gifts.
Everyone will be together without the bother of having to cook a big meal so you can all enjoy each others company while being served a nice meal. I think it's a great idea.
Jane said…
Mulled wine? A gift for yourself? Other than that you've got it all covered. That's about the same as my budget and I REALLY LOVE your "want, need, wear, read" 4 gifts rule - I think I'll implement that myself! (For my daughter, not for me though:)!
jpkittie said…
That is a fair amount - I haven't really thought too much about Christmas - which is odd, I typically have already figured it out! so much going on lately! Eek!

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