and Halloween Monday finds me at home again...

I didn't make it to work today. Why? Well, in my infinite wisdom yesterday, I gave the dog a soup bone. And when I got up this morning, I discovered piles of chewed up bone nicely deposited all over the house, complete with barf and bile. Lovely, just lovely.

So I spent the morning cleaning, and now I'm actually working from home for the afternoon, getting things done! I'll be ready for the trick or treaters, and to be back at work tomorrow.


Tanner said…
Goes to show that no good act goes unpunished! I hope your dog is feeling better. At least you can work from home and didn't have to rush and get all the cleaning done before heading out the door in the morning. Have fun with the t-or-t'ers!
The Witch said…
I guess your Halloween started off with a trick of sorts. No fun cleaning up that kind of mess. Had a cat with hair ball problems and she always puked it up on the carpet never the vinyl floor. UGH.
Happy Halloween to you and DD.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Jane said…
Blecchh! Not a pretty sight! What a blessing you can do some work from home!
Yup, my bowl of treats is by the front door. Won't be long now til they come a'knockin'! Hope your evening is better than your morning!
jpkittie said…
that is great that you have that option!

not a great way to spend the day though!

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