Not much happening lately

Life is fairly low key right now. The house is slowly becoming "ours" again. DD is doing well working and the dog is good too. The dog has even managed to lose weight this summer, which made the vet very happy last week.

Work is work, a few new things going on, but change is good.

DD's will be having her MRI very soon, which should give a few more answers. DD did do a number on her body with an old sports injury. One shoulder is currently sitting about 3 inches higher than the other. She's has to learn how to reuse many muscles again, in her shoulder, back, hips.

Money wise? I'm hanging in there. I've signed the contract but it's sitting on someones desk awaiting more signatures... Are you suprised? I'm not. It's going on 7 pay periods that I've missed my top up. 630 x6 = 3780.00 gross is what I'm missing... about 2400.00 net so far... One a good note, I'm close to topping out on my CPP and EI deductions, which will give me a little more on my pays.

Two great things happening this week-end? My sister is coming home for a visit ( I'll see her one day) and I'm babysitting my nephew on Friday night. He loves to stay at my house, and have the dog sleep with him. We've made plans for the evening, and he'll help me do some things around the house on Saturday.

I'll have to start planning my Christmas events and purchases soon. I have a couple of ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!


ND Chic said…
Will you get back pay? That's a large sum.
its me, sam said…
ND Chic, I'll get it back pay, but at the rate they're going, I'm guessing I won;t see anything until sometime in October. ( If that's the case, I'll be missing 8 pay periods without the top up)
Jane said…
My favorite time of year is when I've topped up CPP and EI which usually happens at the end of August. It increases my pays by $300 or $400 which is really nice with Christmas coming up. You'll have a nice lump sum for your shopping!

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