Starting to "Move back In"

Having your house for sale means putting a ton of things away, like family photos, art work, etc. Now, I get to put some things back and do a little more purging.

I can actually buy groceries and stock up on staples for the house ( which I am so looking forward to).

DD and I went over her tentative budget for the next year. She'll be paying large chunks on her student loan, saving money in both an RRSP and TSFA, plus setting up a travel account with ING ( I'm thinking). She'll be taking over her cell phone bill and helping pay some bills.

On Thursday, DD and I may take a little road trip to Costco and some other shopping. Actually I just want to go to Costco. The mall and other stuff? Naw. Although I do need some new pants for work, but I think that I'll wait for a little bit longer.

It's looking like we'll have our contract fixed and signed next week, and fingers crossed that the money will be back in our accounts by the end of September. I'll take some of the money and pay off my trip, plus a few other things ( like savings).


The Witch said…
Glad your back in the house. I guess this means the deal didn't work out.
Some things may have been for the best at this time in your life. Plus you have DD back at home with you to help out.
Have fun shopping at Costco, we were there a couple of weeks ago and it was packed as usual.
Some great deals to be had if you know your prices.
Sharon said…
I'm a believer in "things happen for a reason", and it seems this may be the best thing at this time. It must have been painful to go through the job of listing, cleaning up, getting rid of, having people through your house, etc., but now you have a wonderfullly updated home. I'm glad your daughter will be there with you too!

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