Our day so far...

DD's appointment with the specialist went well. He sent her for blood work right away to test for rheumatoid possibilities. He also requested her MRI to be done ASAP, and she starts Physio next week. After two long years of her dealing with the pain, finally we are getting somewhere!

I got the car registered to a tune of 129.00, I stopped by the insurance agents and told then Not to cancel the policy until I called to confirm that the house is indeed sold. I also got the car into the shop and return the library books.

The house showing was canceled and postponed until tomorrow ( which I'm very annoyed with, as I'll be on the road and the dog needs to stay out of the house until tomorrow night!

Groceries still need to be bought and Dd needs clothes for work, so I'm off to do that! Rest will come later on!


The Witch said…
I hope everything goes well with DD.
Glad the specialist is moving on the situation so fast.
Sorry to read about the hick-up in selling your house. I'm sure it will all work out for the best.
Drive safety and have fun in the big capital city.

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