Offer is in

and I'm not excited. The offer is good, room to negotiate, but I just can't get excited. I have until tomorrow night to respond. I even know the lady who wants to buy it, and shes very sweet.

My head is saying take the money and run, while my heart feels heavy. It would be the end of an era, but all good things must come to an end, right?

I'm off to bed to sleep on it! Debt free in 2012... now that would be a really, really good feeling!

AUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>>>>>>>>>>>>> ........................

This is a decision I didn't think I'd be making... ( to be totally honest).
Please feel free to chime in with advice.


~Carla~ said…
I honestly don't know what to suggest... Sleep on it & go with your heart! Good luck!!
judy said…
I agree with Carla. Sleep on it, and go with what your heart and brain thinks is best

Louise said…
I think if you've made the decision to put it on the market, at some level you are ready to move on. maybe the reality of it is starting hit an it's emotional leaving a home, but if you change your mind and keep it how do you think you will feel in a few months?
maybe it's just the memories you want to keep,
I'd sell.
jpkittie said…
is it much less then what you were hoping for?

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