Making lists...

I've used Fly Ladies Zone method to break up the house for packing, purging and giving away/yard sale.

My goal is have the bulk of the packing done by the end of August. I'll rent a small storage space for a year to hold things like my two rockers, end tables and boxes. The main furniture like our beds will be moved to our respective temporary homes. My couch and chair are going curb side. It'll be free to anyone who wants them, missing cushions and all.

I plan on having a yard sale to get rid of some things that are still good, but I don't see them having a spot in my new home ( where ever that may be!). some things I own will be donated to friends/family who can use the items. As I pack up a "Zone", I'm planning on moving the items out of the house, and cleaning that area.

DD will be moved first, so she can get settled ( she'll be staying with my sister), and I'll probably get the bulk my stuff moved the long week-end.

I'm also going to do a file for the new owner with all the instructions for the fireplace, warranties, etc for everything in the house.

Before I know it, the end of September will be here!


jpkittie said…
that is awesome & so very exciting!!!!
Anonymous said…
You're a busy lady! Congratulations on selling your house.
Louise said…
thats a good idea to use the zones for packing, I'm looking forward to reading about it as I hope to be doing the same myself soon, and congrats on the blogging anniversary!

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