and the winner is...


I'm not going to get too excited yet, but I've signed off on the paperwork and the house is SOLD! ( barring any unforeseen circumstances). I'll get my 115,000 roughly... Holy moly, now to get some packing started! The closing date is the end of September.

Thanks to all those who chimed in. I had a good chat with my sister this morning and she was a great help!

I'll really celebrate on the 19th of this month, when everything will be done excpet the moving out!


babybluewater said…
CONGRATULATIONS! That's wonderful news. I'm so happy for you. Now get packing :)
Sharon said… on to bigger and better things...:)!
Jolie said…
How exciting and scary all at once. New adventures in a new home.
The Witch said…
Take a deep breath and start going to your local liquor store for boxes. They are perfect for glass wear, plates and whatever. They are strong because they have to hold a lot of weight.(glass booze)
We also used a lot of rubber maid tubs because our stuff was in storage for almost a year. We labeled every box and had a master list of it's contents. You can never be too organized when you move.
This will really pay of in the long run especially if it may be a year or two before you move some place permanent.
Hopefully your parents have a big empty basement space.
Good luck Sam!
Canadian Saver said…
WOW, Congratulations!!!! Big changes ahead for you!
jpkittie said…
that is wonderful! Congratulations!!! :)

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