When the computers crash...

and I didn't even panic! The computers at my PT job have been acting wonky for the past few weeks. They've been freezing like crazy, not closing things down, etc.

Last night after the rush ( TG), the system crashed hard! It was not pretty, but after about 3 hours give or take, they were back up and running, however, some of the bills were corrupted, meaning that I couldn't close them or have staff sign out.

I discovered that I have a lot more patience now, before I would have lost my mind, but last night? It was like water falling off a ducks back!

I did make 60.00 last night, which was great, considering that I only waited on tables for about 3 hours!

The most exciting part of last night? We had a huge, huge rain storm that had thunder and lightening. It was raining sideways! It also dropped the temperature from 31 degrees to 18 degrees in about 1.5 hours. My neighbors lost a good chuck of a tree last night, but in stayed in their yard for a change.

Today I'm going to visit my parents, and bring my nephews back with me. I'll have a friend come and let the dog out later on this afternoon. DD is "fingers crossed" coming home tomorrow for a few days!


jpkittie said…
good for you with your patience - and so glad you are safe during the storm!
Sharon said…
I love when rainstorms bring the temperature down....

$60 is not bad at all!

Enjoy your daughter!

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