A quick update

No news on the house, surprise , surprise.

It looks like DD will be living here for the next year or so. Her lease was canceled by the landlord/owner last week-end. ( 8 days before they were due to move in). She's thought long and hard about school and has decided that because she's not 100% sure what she wants to do, it makes more sense to stay here and work for a year while figuring it all out. If the house sells, she'll stay at my sisters.

U2 rocked last night, mud and all. Oh, and Pierce Bronson was there! I saw photos! He actually walked by a couple of girls I knew! The only downside? A very, very drunk husband and wife who were very rude and aggressive. We had been standing in our spot since 5:30, and they drunkenly pushed through us at around 11:00. Everyone around us was PO'ed, as she was slopping her drink around and he was pushing other people. After about 10 minutes, they left the area, as the crowd around us had no patience for their stupidity. ( And the fact that 2 guys threatened to pound the snot out of the husband for being such as ass).

As a side note, I went to buy a t-shirt. They had grey, v-neck womens for 30.00 and they were cute. I asked for one, the guy brought it over, held it up, looked at my ample bust ( 36DD if you care) and said" I don't know if it'll fit". I laughed and said trust me, it will. It does fit!

It's been a good week, and now, summer is officially half over! enjoy your week every one!


Canadian Saver said…
I was thinking about you, wondering about the concert!! Glad you enjoyed it :-)
Jane said…
But you saw U2!!! Worth getting pushed around and slopped on:) Friends of mine went...I hope they weren't the drunk couple tee hee!

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