Not so cheap Sunday night... But it was a lot of fun!

Last night I spent 40.00 on drinks, a burger and admission to a night of music. It was a lot of fun, but I'm paying for it this morning ( or afternoon now). It was fun sitting and chatting with friends, enjoying a warm and breezy night listening to live music and drinking cold beer.

Today is a slow day, with lots of water being the beverage of choice today. I won't be going anywhere to spend money today, and on Saturday I didn't spend any money either! I actually made 80.00 working Saturday night and 90.00 on Thursday night. I did spend money on Friday, 29.00 booze ( which will last me a year I'm guessing), 48.00 for tickets for Sunday night ( which I got 36.00 back from friends) and my old friend, tobacco ( 21.00). I even have 53.00 left to my name in cash, and I don't foresee spending a whole lot more this week ( dog food and coffee are on my list).

Now I'm off to work and drink some more water!


Jane said…
You'd think by our age we'd learn about the consequences of over-indulging but oh no! But as long as we have FUN what the heck! And as long as someone ELSE is driving...I always take Michael along as DD, poor man, he never gets to drink!
jpkittie said…
that sounds wonderful!!! glad you had a good time... drink LOTS of water :)

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