So I bought a new dining room table today

and I paid cash for it. I've been looking for a pub style table that seats six, with a bench seat. My sister and I went out looking for a area rug today for my living room. After horrible service in one store ( where the manager told me I could take one home and try it out, but my sister and I decided it was too small, and they had a big one 8x12 which would be much better fit, the manager told me that I couldn't buy it and return it, as it was a pain to get down and put back up), we carried on down the road. One of my favorite furniture stores was having a sale, so my sister and I pulled in to the parking lot. She found a great table for her kitchen for 248.00. I found exactly what I wanted for 698.00 plus taxes and delivery. After hum and hawing over it, I decided to buy it, and paid cash for it.

I won't being going on vacation this summer not will I be buying patio furniture. Instead, I'll be sitting at my new table, enjoying my home!


ND Chic said…
Sweet! You will have it for years to come. Can you post a pic?
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you!!! Doesn't it feel great to buy something and know you have already saved the cash to buy it.

The Witch said…
Enjoy having wonderful meals, great conversations with family and friends around your new PAID for table.
The Witch said…
Tried to post a comment and the server went down so I'll try again.
Hope you have great meals, wonderful conversation with friends and family at your new PAID for table.
jpkittie said…
woohoo!!! you know the best line in that whole post?

"....and i paid cash for it....." :)

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