That's what I'm saying about my trip to the dentist today... total cost for the day? 608- 80%, so I spent around 180.00 on a through cleaning, and 2 fillings... Yes, she fixed my broken tooth and replaced another filling!

I did buy some groceries today, 50.00 worth, plus I spent another 40 on plants and vegetables. I bought 2 pepper plants and a tomato plant, so fingers crossed I can get some salsa made this summer! I also bought a rosemary plant, so I can dry my own this summer too!

I had a visit with a dear friend for lunch ( at home ) and made some plans for later on this summer. All in all, day 2 of my vacation was pretty good... I have a staff meeting tonight for my PT job, so I'll go there and I'll eat leftovers for supper.

Oh and can I add that we have had 2 days with sunshine here! I can't believe it!


jpkittie said…
woohoo for sunshine!

hope your mouth feels okay! :)

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