my new to me lamp!

This is what I bought yesterday at an estate auction. Solid brass lamp, probably from the late twenties, early thirties with the original milk glass shade. It needs to be re wired, as it still works, but has a cloth covered cord! grand total 55.00. It weighs between 30- 40 pounds. I highly suggest that you check out estate auctions if your looking for good quality items! Jane, I thought of you yesterday, as things were coming up for bids. You cold have furnished your island home for about 5,000.00 with solid mahogany furniture!


Jane said…
Ha! funny you should say that as I just sold my trailer for $5000!! I love going to estate auctions - you really can get some amazing deals and I love antiques - nothing beats the look and feel of old wood:)
Sharon said…
Looks like a great lamp!

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