Life is quiet right now

Things are quiet around here. DD is home and job hunting. Fingers crossed something happens on that front soon.

Work is fine, just getting ready for next few weeks, then I'll be here FT working at home for the summer. I will be taking some vacation this summer.

I've paid another 200.00 towards my trip down south in February. My plan is to have it paid off by August 31. It will be nice to have paid cash for the trip!

I've had no one in to view the house in over 3 weeks... 6 more weeks for the contract and then it's coming off the market. I'll put it back on next summer...

The envelopes are going ok, I'm still tweaking them a bit, but so far so good...

My debt repayment plan is going ok too. It's a long haul, but I can get it done.

I have to work tonight, so I plan on getting some outside work done today, plus a few things inside and tomorrow? I'm planning on going for an adventure somewhere. Nothing too far away, but I just want to do something different.
Happy Saturday all!


jpkittie said…
your doing great! Good luck on the job search for dd - not good times to be looking for work. Also good luck on the house - again, it is tough times for that as well. you have such a positive attitude & that is exactly all you need these days... just take things one step at a time. your savings/envelopes & payoffs are going in the right direction... sounds like an A+ to me!
Jane said…
I would love to have some quiet time - that won't happen now til July 1st. The last month of school is always SO hectic it takes all of my energy and more to get through it. Sorry to hear things have slowed down on the house selling. But you never know.

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