It's almost pay day!

Which means bills to pay, money to save, and jars to fill! I need to buy a few gifts and get ready for my vacation! ( I'm going to plan one thing for every day, nothing major, but just so i have motivation to do something!).

Oh a good note my house is being shown again tomorrow, so that makes three times since Friday night! Plus DD is booked to do make-up for prom, and has 5 clients booked at 25/face...

She hasn't found a job here, so she's going back to the big city to stay with friends and look for work there. It's really sad to see so many kids this year with no work.

The sun shone today for about 20 minutes, so I jumped outside and did a little yard work. I really need some sunshine and soon!

Oh and I bought a few groceries today, and scored a good deal! Super store has Kellogg raisin bran (675 g) for 2.99. There was a coupon down the aisle to save 3.00, if you bought 3 boxes of Kellogg cereal. So I bought 3 boxes of cereal for 5.97... Score one for me!


jpkittie said…
good for you! I love the filling of the jars with fresh $ ;) and great score on the cereal!
Anonymous said…
That was a good deal. I hope the showing went well for you.
Jane said…
Well that makes up for your crappy night! Love getting deals like that, doesn't happen very often. Glad to hear you're getting some showings still for your house - maybe you'll get a nibble or two soon!

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