Talk about fast!

Yesterday I submitted my expenses in for the past 2 days of travel. The money is in my account already! Holy moly talk about fast! I'm in shock! ( 290 and change)

I also picked up my pay cheque from my PT job. I was figuring about 250.00, it was 394 and change! Another holy cow moment!

DD paid for her glasses 104.00, they were 325 (minus 221 what blue cross and green shield paid for). DD also picked up a set of Kitchen Aid knives and a set of baking pans for a total of 77.71.

Now, I'm off for a little nap, as its cold and wet outside, perfect day for a nap and maybe a pot of soup!


ND Chic said…
Sweet! I love it when my paychecks are more. :)
babybluewater said…
Wow, that must've put a smile on your face :) That's wonderful when you get more than expected. Enjoy!
Jane said…
Wow - gotta love those extra amounts - major snowflakes! Cold and wet here too, we had one nice day yesterday and now back to the dreary weather :(
Love when that happens!

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