Starting the envelopes

Today I withdrew 240.00 out of my account. I spent 60.91 on groceries and 5.64 on dog treats. I have plans on spending 10.00 for entertainment and decided to wait to buy the sneakers.

For groceries I stopped at 4 different places, including the bulk barn. I bought tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, grapes, asparagus, blueberries, bacon, tuna, tea, mayo ( 1 for me, one for my parents)tortillas, a 5kg bag of WW flour, greek yogurt, pasta noodles, brown sugar, dried cranberries, and spices at the bulk barn.

I'll be eating very well this week. Last night I had buttermilk to use up ( I made homemade Ranch on Mother's day and it was a huge hit). I made a chocoalte sheet cake and cinammon rolls. Half the cake I gave away, another 1/4 went to my parents and I froze the rest. The cinammon rolls I baked some this morning and froze the rest.

I'll be having oatmeal with berries and yogurt, bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunches will be snadwiches, soup and salads, suppers will be fairly simple... I'm thinkign one day ( maybe Sunday) of a aspargus and mushroom omelet. I can see a little more baking this week too, Ranger cookies... I do want to buy some butter at Shopper's tomorrow, so I'll probably spend another 8.00 there.

Gas went down to 1.24/litre today, so I'll be getting gas later on this week. ( NB has the cheapest gas in Canada right now).

I hope everyone has a great week-end.


The Witch said…
Looks like you are really menu planning for the whole week. I find this saves me lots of time and less spending through out the week wondering what to pick up each day.
Hope it works out that way for you.
Ranger cookies sound nice. What ingredients do you put in them?
Have a great weekend.
its me, sam said…
Island Witch, I add dried cranberries and chocolate chips to my Ranger Cookies. It makes a huge batch and they freeze well. I'll post my recipe in the next day or two...

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