The joy of living in a small town!

Yesterday we didn't make it to the beach and the ocean. Why? DD lost her crackberry, while walking from point a to point b yesterday. We called the phone, she re-walked the route she took, nothing. I had a sad girl. We came home after the open house and there was 2 messages on the phone. One from the Realtor and the second was from my PT job. Here's a recap of the message from the Restaurant " Hey Sam it's blank calling to let you know that someone found DD's cell phone and left it at blanks gym". DD and I were looking at one another thinking how did the phone end up there, as its not even close to where she was walking. I called the restaurant back to confirm that it was really at the gym and the manager said yes, that's what the caller said. I call the gym and ask if someone turned a cell phone in. The girl who answered the phone, said yes and then identified herself as a former co-worker from the restaurant. She said someone had been out walking, found the phone and dropped it off there. She went through the phone to see if she could identify the owner and saw that it was DD's, and she had seen me working Friday night, so she called the restaurant.

I have great faith in people being honest and yesterday proved it!

Today is election day, and DD gets to vote for the very first time! She's excited to be able to take part, and we'll get this done between appointments.

I also brought the dog home to have a sleepover last night. He ended up scratching the floor in one spot, but it's easily fixed. My home felt complete last night with everyone here.

Oh and DD and I went out for supper last night. Nothing great, DD had received a gift card at Christmas and wanted to use it. I spent 15.66 out of pocket to cover the difference. Will we be going back anytime soon? Not likely, as the food was so-so and frankly, the two of us were thinking that what we had a home could have been better.

Last but not least, my brother's little guy is coming back with us this week. He had his bag packed and ready to go on Saturday to come for a visit, but they managed to hold him off a few days. Here's to a busy, but fun week ahead!


Jane said…
That is great DD got her phone back! That doesn't happen here in the city - my daughter's on her 4th blackberry over the past year. It's been stolen, lost, dropped and one had water poured on it where she works! Me - I've had the same phone for over 3 years!
ND Chic said…
Just when you don't believe that most people are honest anymore, something like this happens. That's great that she got it back.
The Witch said…
It always amazes me how honest people can be.
So glad DD received her phone back.
sounds as if you are going to have a very busy week.
Sharon said…
I love the term "crackberry". Very appropriate. What did we do when we didn't have cell phones? Glad everything worked out!

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