It's pay day...

and I haven't spent a cent yet... I didn't even pay any bills on line. I'm planning on attending our community composting session tonight, and fingers crossed I can purchase an outdoor compost bin for 25.00. I'll withdraw my "jar cash" tonight ( 240.00).

I've decided to take my bicycle for a turn up and fingers crossed that it's less than 50.00. I figured that it would be much cheaper than driving for the majority of the summer. Which of course depends on work and I'm afraid politics are coming into play into my current job.

I also mooched lunch from my parents and played with the dog for bit. I'm going to take him for a walk after I finish my supper and I may bring him over for the night. I find the house very lonely now.

I have my grocery list and rough meal plan ready for tomorrow's shopping, along with a few other places I need to go. I was planning on buying new sneakers tomorrow, ( I got an expense cheque back this week), but now I'm not sure.

I also need to buy gas for the lawnmower and I need to clean and inspect the BBQ. Now I'm off to clean the car!

Happy Thursday!


Jane said…
What with the price of gas I'm considering riding my bike back and forth to work too, that is, if it ever stops raining. It's pouring down now and rain is forecast everyday next week. Poor farmers, can't get their crops in. Poor us - food prices going up up up!

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