Is taking a little time this morning...

I worked last night and we were super busy right up until closing time! So busy that there were 5 of us taking tables until then, plus the manager stayed until closing too! Everyone pitched in and the restaurant was cleaned up, cash bags counted and last customers out by 1:45. I ended up with 113.00 in my pocket, plus the 60.00 from the night before, so it was a good week-end over all!

This morning I'm getting ready for the open house. I've changed the beds, and I'll do some laundry before we leave. I'll take the bedding and hang it on my mothers clothesline when I go to pick up the dog for the afternoon. We are taking off to one of our favorite places for the afternoon, so DD can see the ocean before she leaves for the summer.

My sister is coming to help out this morning for an hour or two, while DD is at my mothers taking care of the dog while the parents are away. I have to say that it is going to be a beautiful day today. the sun is shining, the grass is turning green and the birds are singing their little hearts out!


jpkittie said…
definitely sounds like a good week in $ :)

Enjoy the ocean with dd!!!

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