Getting to know me!

Thanks to Jolie for this one!

A - Age 41

B - Bed Size - queen
C - Chore I Hate - weeding the garden
D - Dogs? 1 a lab/collie mix who's my boy
E - Essential start of the day - coffee
F - Favourite Colour - clothing purple, home yellow
G - Gold or Silver - Silver
H - Height - 5 foot 5
I - Instruments I play - none, I'm tone deaf!
J - Job - I'm a civil servant
K - Kids - one DD who is my pride and joy...
L - Love - books
M - Mom's Name - she's nonnie to the kids
N - Nickname - Sam and various others
O - Overnight Hospital stays - a few...
P - Pet Peeve - people that are rude to those working at mimimun wage jobs
Q - Quote - In a hundred yers from now, will this matter
R - Right or left handed - both
S - Siblings - 2 sisters, 1 brother
T - Time I wake up - 6:30- 7:00
U - Underwear - of course
V - Veggie I dislike - none...
W - What makes me late - my DD
X - Xrays - both legs, both broken, jaw, neck, ( after I fell down a set of stairs, and actually drove my tailbone out of place, which they didn't figure out for a year) teeth
Y - Yummy food I make - pasta, baked goods, pizza
Z - Zoo Animal - the otters... I love how they play!


Maureen said…
Sam looks like you would be a good customer for us with your love of Pasta and Pizza.
Thanks for all your info....

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