I'm currently waiting for a whole lots of things: waiting for DD to send me here tuition slip for taxes, waiting for the work to be finished in the house, waiting to find out about being transferred ( this I won't know anything about until July).

Instead of getting angry or getting saddened by waiting, I'm living like everything is normal. Tonight I'm going out with two of my long time friends ( we've been friends since 1975, grade 1. Our first memory of being together is at a funeral for one of our classmates). Tomorrow I'm taking my nephew to see the movie "Hop".

House wise, I'll be cleaning where I can, going through some papers to file and shred ( I put this off all the time!). I also want to clean the inside of the fridge and clean the oven. A trip out shopping to buy some more light bulbs and 2 area rugs for the house. I may look at purchasing some new bedding for me, if I can find it for the price I like.

I also got paid yesterday, I paid some bills and put a little money in DD's account. fingers crossed that I'll have my MC paid off very soon ( mid May at the latest).


Jane said…
My daughter made TOO much money last year and needed all of her tuition credit - just did her taxes and mine last night - so she couldn't transfer anything to me this year and I was really counting on that. Oh well - next year she'll be doing her own taxes!
Sharon said…
Hi Sam,
Sounds like a good idea to carry on as normal, otherwise you would go crazy.

Will you sell the house before you find out about the other job? Just curious.
its me, sam said…
Sharon, I will sell the house before I find out about the other job, as my house is too big for just me. I thought it was 1200 square feet but when the reno guys measured it, it's actually 1300 square feet, and the unfinished basement is the same size.

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