We were hit by mother natures cruelty yesterday. A massive snow storm, so I stayed home last night. I did go and buy the movie tickets, plus coupons for treats, 35.00 later to take my nephew to the movies He's pretty excited to be hanging out with his auntie for the afternoon.

I also spent another 65.00 on light bulbs, felts for the furniture, stuff for the dog ( a new toy and a dust mop for his paws).

Today, I'll be tackling the basement, section by section, and doing a few other things.

Last but not least, my Realtor called last night: she has someone she thinks the house is perfect for... She didn't give any details to the person but it played out good for me. I don't have to sell it right away, so I'm not in a hurry or feel pressure.

As for being transferred, there are a lot of options, so I'm ok with it. I may stay with my parents for a year and work away, saving money and paying off my debt, while keeping my money for the sale of the house locked away, so I have a hefty down payment for my new house...

As for staying with my parents for a year, I keep wavering back and forth... Today, I had a run in with her over empty cans of paint... She's obsessing over the house, and I'm like "it'll all get done"... The obsessing drives me crazy...


The Witch said…
We also got the storm, what a bummer it was just beginning to feel like Spring.
Great news from the Realtor. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Have fun at the movies with your nephew. The ads for the show look funny and the bunny's are adorable.
Jolie said…
No storm here. Wonderful melty weather, but don't worry, the yards are still FULL of snow.

Have fun tidying up the basement. I hope you get good news from the Realtor
Jane said…
That was a real downer to hear you had YET ANOTHER STORM!! Oh crap! Will winter never end?
On a brighter note, staying with your mom for a year would be a great plan financially. My nephew and his wife stayed with his parents for six months in order to save up a whopping big down payment for their first house. If you can do it why not?
Sharon said…
LOL. I get the whole moving back in with Mom. I'm sure my daughter feels the same way about me as she is moving back in with me for two months to finish up the school year, and then moving to FL to be with her husband who has started a new job and is already there.

I'll try not to be a nag! :)!

It would be nice if you could save as much money as you could.

So sorry about your snow! I'm hoping you get a bit of spring soon!!

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