Things are looking good

The house looks very good, the first showing went well. The lady loved it, but has to sell her house first. Which brings me to the next point. I saved all the laminate flooring that was upstairs. I hated the thought of tossing it, as it was still in decent shape and thought someone could use it. Guess who wants it? The lady who's interested in the house. My Realtor is going to come on Saturday and take it to her. That means less clutter in my basement and someone who needs the flooring can have it!

Today I'll be working from home and working on some hot spots in between. Paper clutter is not my friend!

Oh and I checked on line with Canada post about the status of my "made with love" gift. It was in Montreal on the 10th and fingers crossed it's on a ship going across the ocean...

Today, we're getting a storm! I'm very happy I haven't had my winter tires removed yet, I'll call today and see if I can get them done this week-end.


jpkittie said…
that is wonderful!!! I sure hope it sells quickly for you!!!
Jane said…
Spring is really having a struggle this year - it feels like we're heading into autumn again.
Antie Eboo said…
I guess that means I'm not the one getting your painting? *sigh* Lol!

please let us know when you get your gift from the swap, and what you think of it. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I wait patiently. :)

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