My DD is home ( along with all of her stuff)

I managed to only get lost once yesterday once I got to the big city, and it only took me an extra 10 minutes to get to my destination. Once I arrived at the dorms, DD's roommate met me and I began to pack her things. Her friends and roommate thought I'd lose my mind when I got there and discovered that she hadn't packed most of her stuff. I was mentally prepared for it however, and even brought garbage bags to pack some of her belongings in.

Her roommate had some boxes to move to her apartment and I handed my car keys over and told the kids to take my SUV and move the stuff while I packed and cleaned out the room. The looks on their faces when they had the keys and "are you sure you want me to drive your SUV?", was too funny. My response was " it'll free me up to get the room packed up and save time all around. Off they went, driving in the big city, windows down and music cranked. The girl who was driving is from Vancouver, so I knew she could handle driving. DD's roommate was coming home with her to spend a few days here before going back to Ontario for the summer.

We got to the place where DD was going to meet us from her trip to Boston ( which BTW she had a fabulous time), had a bite to eat and repacked the car. We arrived home by 9:30 last night, unloaded the car, DD and her roomie checked out the house, and found some snacks. I've started doing mountains of laundry, and will get through the bags of stuff that has come home with her.

I spent 21.00 on supper, 130.00 on gas ( which was much less than I budgeted for), 8.00 on tolls and 16.00 for coffee, bagel and tobacco. Today I need to buy groceries and I'll be working from home, so I can work on work stuff for an hour, then do yard work for an hour, work for an hour, and so on!

Oh and the cake I made for Easter? Was a hit. If anyone subscribes to Real Simple, the recipes is in May's issue. I photo copied the recipe and icing pages to keep! The cake is almost like a pound cake, and the lemon filling is sweet and tangy. It would be really good in a pie shell too!


Jane said…
Well snacks won't last long around your house now lol! It'll be nice for you to have a busy house for awhile, enjoy!

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