let the cleaning begin!

All the demolition and dirt is done in the house! Now, to clean, paint 2 rooms and stage the house, plus I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of the bathroom linen closet ( my uncle is making it and I promise I'll post photos).

If all goes well, the house will be listed by Sunday and let the viewings begin!

Today was pay day, and the money came in and went out just as fast! One bonus, I won't be paying any rent for a few weeks, so there's a bit of savings. Plus I may be able to snag a drive to work when I have to be in the office, so that's even better!

I'm going to pick DD up on Easter Monday, so I'll be spending about 150 for gas for that trip. Gas is up to 130.6/litre, so the less I drive the happier I'll be. I've also been eating much better this past week and I feel better. I've been eating salad greens like crazy and I'm usually not a salad girl.

The dog is doing well and I'll be on poop patrol tomorrow, bagging up all his mess that is now exposed since the snow is almost gone! ( which is not good, as there is no frost in the ground and there will be a danger of forest fires this spring).

I have work to do from home, and I'll be getting that done, and sending the usual e-mails. Oh and my neurotic co-worker? We give her simple tasks that should only take half an hour tops, and it takes her 8 hours to complete the task. She's out of our hair, and we've all taken to wearing earphones while at our desks to block the noise.

As soon as the house is completed, I'll post a few pics! Enjoy your week-end everyone!


Louise said…
good luck with the cleaning and staging, looking forward to the pics!
Jane said…
Love the earphone strategy!! But really, what a waste of a good paycheque! Oh, I so wish I was at the point of selling up & moving - I'm very impatient. Good luck with the sale!

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