What I did on Friday

I bought all the new light fixtures ( total 400.00 and that's including 2 new lamps)
had the flooring delivered ( bamboo on sale for 3.19/foot score one for me!)
Removed laminate flooring from three rooms
removed 3 doors
removed all trim from the rooms
paid for the snow removal ( they haven't come to remove any of the snow with the loader, so fingers crossed it melts some)

Today will be spent moving things to the basement so the new floors can go down, and fingers crossed, getting a few spots primed for painting. I have to work tonight, so at some point I'll have to stop and have a rest.

Sunday will be spent doing more moving of things, and some cleaning. The old vinyl floors smell old, so I'm going to give them a wash with some bleach before the new ones go down. I can;t do it with the dog here, so he'll go to my mom's early and I can scrub floors.

What are you doing this week-end?


Wow! You are very ambitious. I hope all goes smoothly with your home renovation. This weekend we ( my husband and sons) are putting in a new central AC/Heat unit. Fun, Fun. Fun.
Jane said…
What am I doing this weekend? Well, nothing near as fun as what you're doing lol! Today is the start of my March break so it has been a day of catching up with relatives and friends. Meeting up with a couple of nephews and a niece tonight for dinner, met my brother and some friends for coffee this morning.
Don't kill yourself!!!
Anonymous said…
you have a dog and you're putting down bamboo floors? i did that. regret it. the floors scratch like crazy. no matter how short i keep my dogs nails or how much i limit their time in the room, not even a year and the floors are ruing PLUS i bought the extra hard surface bamboo floors that weren't supposed to scratch. duh?

i'll never do it again. my house is up for sale too and i don't know how a prospective buyer is going to react to the scratches.

its me, sam said…
I've thought about putting down area rugs and old sheets on the floors when he's here to limit the potential to scratch the floors. I'll be looking at carpet remnants to make a runner for the hall and the landing. I've been looking at the local listings and there is nothing in the price range that looks as good and is as well built as this house. I honestly believe that the house will sell within 4 weeks of being listed. ( with a closing date in mid to late May).
jpkittie said…
WOW! You got a ton of stuff accomplished!!!!

Good for you - how exciteing! Good Luck to you!!!

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