things that are currently spinning in my brain

1) to list the house or not to list it? I'm feeling torn. It makes sense to at least list it, but then what if it sells? I'm not sure where I'll be working ( no worries about a job, I have my FT one to go back to). I know that I want to do something other than what I was doing when I started this blog, but I need to get off my butt and see what options are going to be opening up in the next year or so.

I am also easy to move. If I start to look for FT work in other provinces, and get an offer, all I have to do is sell my house and pack my belongs and go. To be honest, the only things I would actually move from the house are my clothes, my kitchen stuff, my bed, dresser, my computer and filing cabinet, a few knick knacks, my Christmas decorations and some books. DD's bedroom things and books could go with her or I could bring them too. My living room furniture would go to the curb with a big sign saying take me, along with my kitchen table and chairs. The TV could also be given away.

Even if I don't sell the house, I'm going to have to look into a new heating system and if I go to sell the house, I need to install "real floors" in the living room and hall. I can get someone to install the floors for me and save a bundle in labour. It will cost about 4500.00 to run the flooring through out the entire main floor. ( It drives me crazy when a house has tons of different flooring on one floor).

I'm excited that DD is coming home tomorrow. We have decided to go out for supper on Friday night, and my mother is cooking a turkey on Sunday for supper. I have to work Saturday afternoon, so she'll be on her own that day. I'll be making lunch every day for us.


Maureen said…
This is going to be a huge decision for you, and if you decide to put down new flooring, then it will also be an expensive one.

Maybe take a FT first to see how it goes !!!!1
Jane said…
Lots to think about eh? Major life decisions! Sometimes having too many options is harder than too few. I have to replace all my flooring to when I sell my condo. I will wait til the year before I retire to fix up the condo in order to sell it - no point doing it yet.
jpkittie said…
that is a huge decision for you for sure! my only suggestion is to weigh your options? the pro & con lists ;)

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