Not much happening here...

Things have been quiet in my corner of the world. Work, home, cleaning, laundry, etc. DD got home Thursday night, and had a hair appointment yesterday (45.00). We also went out and spent a whopping 55.00 for lunch including dessert and tip. Lunch was really really good, and I've spent my "dining out" budget for the month. I also spent about 60.00 in groceries so far this week. ( I may buy some things that are on special later on this week).

I will be filling my tank later on this week, as gas in Nova Scotia has jumped to 1.25/litre. Ouch... My guess is that gas will be 1.23/litre come next Thursday. Debt repayment will happen on the next 2 pays. I'll also be doing my taxes in the next 2 days, and I'll know where I stand on that note. I have a feeling i may be paying the gov't some money this year. LOL

I also got a lead on a new to me job... Which is good, and gives me time to prepare for it. I've been scoping out new homes in the 2 area I can transfer to... I've seen a few I like, one has property that I like, the house is a little lacking but would be big enough for me.

I hope that everyone has a good week-end and if you're off for the March Break, enjoy!


The Witch said…
Sounds as if your weekend is off to a good start by having DD home for a few days. At least it doesn't seem like any storms are predicted for a change.
Have a great weekend.
Jane said…
What, no storms lol? It must be wonderful having DD home. I feel fortunate to have my daughter live at home while attending university.It has really saved us some money too. Mom and daughter time is the best - how long is she home?
jpkittie said…
I sure hope you don't owe the government! sending positive thoughts on that topic your way ;)

I bet that lunch splurge was well worth it!

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