My to do list, and it's a doozie!

Price and purchase hardwood flooring ( done total cost for bamboo flooring and tiles 3850.00 taxes and delivery)
Price and buy ceramic tiles ( done)
buy three new interior doors
price and buy new base board
Price and buy six new light fixtures ( 1/2 done, will be finished tomorrow I also bought 2 bedside lights total cost 400.00)
price and buy white subway tiles for kitchen
buy paint ( enough for 5 rooms)
but 5 pounds of 3 inch screws ( to remove floor squeaks)
have father switch out all remaining old plugs and light switches ( there's only a few left to do) ( he'll start this next week)
remove laminate flooring ( Friday)
remove all trim ( friday)
remove 3 doors ( Friday)
move furniture
go through papers,
organize binder with photos and receipts for home reno's
organize paperwork
prime and paint rooms
have curtains made by sister
borrow steam cleaner for beds and living room furniture
complete transfer papers

Target date for listing the end of March...


Sharon said…
Wow, that is a long list! But the fact that you listed everything is half the battle. Good for you! I'll be working right along side you as we have the whole basement redone, and a new back door. We are looking to put new hardwoods in our familyroom as well, but that will have to happen after the basement.
Good luck, I'll be cheering you on the whole way!! :)!
Jane said…
Man, am I tired...and all I have to do is READ your list. Sheesh woman you are on a roll. I hope you'll post some pictures of your progress! I'll have to get my place ready tosell in a couple of years, it's great to see and example of what needs to be done! Dont' wear yourself out!

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