A little bit of everything

House- three rooms are painted and new floors in. All they need is the new trim.
The rest of the floors should be finished this week. They'll need another three days to fix a bunch of little things and to install the cermaic flooring. Total spent so far 5,200.00... It's looking good! The house may not get listed until mid April, but I'm ok with that.

Work- it just gets better and better... not at all. Some things are out of my control and I cannot change that. SIGH... But the days are filled with more sunshine so that's a good thing.

I've spent very little money on groceries ( 32.00 this week), and probably won;t spend much more this week. I've paid the rent and the other bills so far. I do need to pay some money on my CC's, and I'm seeing the light at the end of one tunnel. ( Finally).

I had the dog out for a couple of good long walks on the week-end. He likes being at my parents place, but he likes to see his momma even more. Speaking of momma's, this momma hasn;t talked ot her little chick in a while. She's busy and wrapping up her year. I did send her a parcel this week-end. Nothing too fancy.

Taxes. I've got a start on mine, but I'm still waiting for one of DD's slips... I did send her a self addressed envenlope this week to give her a reminder to mail it to me! So far, I'll be getting a little back, and with her tutition transfer I should get even more back.

Plans for this week-end: cleaning, organizing and staging the house. Wish me luck. Oh, and someone asked why I was going to sell the house before I got a transfer? I figure that it's much easier to have the house sold before I move, rather than get the transfer, then be in panic mode trying to get the house ready to sell. If something happens and my transfer isn;t approved, then I'll look at building a home... and Yes, I have a plan for the "dream" home... More to follow on that one in another post!


It sounds like everything is coming together for the sale of your home. I hope it all goes smoothly for you!
jpkittie said…
great amount for groceries!

and I bet the house looks amazing!!!
The Witch said…
Sounds as if everything is going along smoothly. Can't wait to see some pictures.
I hope you find a buyer quickly and can start on your new life plans.
This will be a very exciting new adventure ahead for you.
Jane said…
Yay for tuition transfer! That has made a nice increase in my refunds the past 3 years. This will be my last year though as Kazi is paying for all of her tuition herself next year - but that helps me out bigtime too!
Dream house? Do tell!
MyATM said…
Hi Sam! I enjoyed reading your blog. It's very light and inspiring as well. I hope your everyday life will always be that fine. :)

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