it's raining, it's snowing, no wait it's freezing rain...

That's what it's doing outside now. Yesterday it was plus 9 and raining, now it's -3 and snowing, later on today we're in for freezing rain! Double yuck!

The upside, the office is closed today, so I get a "storm" day at home! Which means i get to clean the house, as I have a real estate agent coming tonight, to give me an assessment of the house ( total value). I've decided to apply for a transfer to another location for my permanent job ( I'm on loan right now to another dep't, so my permanent Ft job is waiting for me). I have 2 locations that I'm looking at, both have pro's and con's to them, 1 has cheaper housing but not much else to offer, while the other has higher housing costs, but in a much better location. I'm looking at the one with the higher housing costs, as there is much more options out there for a single person. More things to do, more activities to join, and better rental options. I'm not sure that I want to buy another home right now, unless I find the right spot.

DD had a nice week-end at home, She saw some friends, ate good food and even got a few gifts to boot! Plus a hair cut and her eyebrows done. She's supposed to go back today, but I need to call her drive to see if they are still going ( i suspect that they will be, and I trust the driver). I have some food items to send back with her, a meat pie, shrimp ring, and other goodies.

Now I'm off to tidy the house up, and make my must get done list for the house ( I spoke with my uncle and I'm going to hire him for a week to do the things around the house that I can't do, like lay hardwood floors).

Oh, and I'll have to go to a funeral and wake this week, as I had a relative pass away this week-end. March for my family seems to be a popular month to die for some reason.

Update on 2 fronts: I'm not finished my taxes yet but it looks like I'll be getting a refund of some sort ( that's a plus for me!). on the negative side, I'm going to have to have some snow hauled away from my yard ( it'll cost around 100.00 to have it removed). That's going to jack up my snow removal costs this winter to well over 500.00. :(


Sharon said…
I'm so sorry about your relative. March is when my grandmother died last year. She weathered the winter, then gave up as the spring approached.

We had rain all day yesterday, and this morning some of the rain froze. Luckily the temperature was high enough that it stayed rain, otherwise I'm sure we would have had 20 inches of snow.

I haven't been keeping up with blogs as much as I would like, and I didn't know that you were moving! Sounds like an exciting adventure! I'll have to keep track of you, Sam! :)!
Jane said…
Get snow hauled away? And you have to pay for that...oh my!
Sorry to hear about the loss of a relative, always a sad time and a reminder of our own mortality.
Hope the weather makes up its mind soon!

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