It's Monday again...

And I'm back in the office. I got lots done at the house, but lots more to do! I have been watching what I spend and what I buy now. Yesterday I was at Shoppers and I saw some good sales and scooped up some things, then stopped and looked at what I had and thought to myself" do I really want to move this?" the answer was no, so i put it back on the shelf.

I had placed the three old doors out for garbage pick up and someone knocked on the door to see if they could have them. My response was yes, take what you want. Now if I can just find someone to take the flooring, I'd be all set!

I have the paint colors picked out for the house, warm, creamy tones by beauty tone. When I have the rooms painted, I'll possibley post some photos.

I must go and do some work. I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. I know I am, and I can say that the snow has dropped by 2 to 3 feet in my yard!


Jane said…
You are saying a lot of goodbyes these days: goodbye old doors, goodbye to Shoppers stuff you don't need, goodbye SNOW!! Woo hoo - spring is in the air!

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