It's been a busy few days...

The past few days have been filled with work related drama, that frankly makes me think "Thank Goodness the contract is done in June", as my BS meter reading has been off the charts. Really people, at this point I no longer can tell who's telling the truth and who's lying? I wish I knew their motivations behind their behaviours but I honestly think that some people just haven't been seen by the right people. Add in meetings with strangers and other things, I'd say it was a wee bit stressful.

On a positive note, I power walked the past 2 nights for 45 minutes, which is a good feeling.

Tomorrow I get to go home, see the progress, have a birthday supper with my family, and get ready to paint on Friday and Saturday. I work Saturday night, so it should be a good night. It's pay day tomorrow too, so I'll get some bills paid too! Oh and I get paid from my PT job this week, and I also submitted my paper work to get paid for my mileage last week.


Maureen said…
My head is spinning you are such a busy lady.

I hate the BS at work too, it just makes me wish that my retirement date was a lot closer, as I am getting less and less patient, in my old age

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