I'm getting sick just thinking about it...

The decision has been made to get the house ready to list for sale. I'm going to later o today or tomorrow morning with my list of must gets, including flooring, trim and paint, etc.

I'm scared, excited and sick to my stomach just thinking about all the stuff that I have to do! I'm scared because I haven't actually applied for my transfer yet ( will do this later on today), scared because it's a big change, excited because it is change, and a chance to expand my world, sick to my stomach because having people come through my house will make it feel like people are judging me and my house.

The house will be listed soon enough ( the work will start tomorrow), and will be listed at 125,000. That will be almost double of what I paid for it.

Ok, I feel better just writing about this... My anxiety is lessening, and I'm thinking that what ever happens will be for the best.


ND Chic'c Cents said…
I struggle with anxiety to a degree and I think that I get anxious about the unknown. Make a list and get yourself busy. I think that might cut down on your nervousness.
Anonymous said…
Sam, selling your home is an emotional thing to go through. It is hard to have strangers looking at everything in your house. I don't think they will judge you though. They're just looking to buy a house. The hardest part is having it ready for a showing at a moment's notice.
It's kind of fun too though! Good luck!
The Witch said…
You have a lot on your plate right now. Take a deep breath and relax, it will all come together for you.
Where might you transfer too? Hopefully not too far from family and friends.
I hated having people walk through our house, but luckily we sold to the 3 couple and it was a wonderful transition into a new beginning for us. I'm really hoping you have the same luck.
Jane said…
Well you don't mess around do you? Once you get something in your mind to do you move on it. I love that quality in a person:)
"The times they are a'changing!"
its me, sam said…
I refer to myself as a percolator, ( I let things roll in my brain for a long, long time and then I decided to act). I can say that my plan has always been to sell the house and move when DD graduated from high school, and now, that I know for sure she'll be living with her Dad this summer, it seems to be the right time to list it. Plus I've been looking at houses listed in my area, and many of the bungalows are very dated looking. Mine is up to date and the biggest thing? It is full of sunshine all day long!

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