Well, it's a mixed bag right now. It appears that our supervisor is not coming back ( we don't have official word yet). What has happened is that we have divided her work load among all of us. Are we getting paid extra? No. Add onto that the extra work I've taken on ( and technically receive Friday's off, but I usually spend 3 or 4 hours working on Friday mornings and random times on the week-end).

Then add in the mix of other characters that float through every day, and dealing with them and their issues... can take a toll on the body and the brain. Yesterday I went to do something and I had a muscle spasm in my neck... Which is my body's way of telling me that I'm under stress and to let some of the stress go. ( I'm thinking of booking a massage for next week).

I'm a nurturer at heart, and I can tend to believe the best in people . Yesterday was no exception. Some people have a lot of issues, and sometimes these issues spill over to the work place. I cannot control what other people do, only my own reactions, and I didn't have a good reaction to someone's actions yesterday. I will say that as a nurturer, it can really hurt when someone takes a huge stumble in their life, and we just have to watch them fall, sometimes into a pit they may never find the courage to crawl out of!

Now, what can I do different? Number 1 go back to the exercise class I attended a few times last fall and loved! Number 2- eat better... I'm eating too many carbs and not enough fruit due to my sensetive teeth. How to fix this? brush with the right toothpaste. Number 3- smoking... I've cut down a whole lots... 5 or 6 a day now, and next week it'll be 3-4 day, and then by the mid-March ( if not earlier) c'est tout finite ( not spelled right LOL).

Oh a good note, I made a rocking supper tonight, using up bits and pieces fromt he fridge. 6 eggs, cheese, bacon, red pepper, red onions and broccoli, all mixed up and baked in the oven! I even have enough to have tomorrow for lunch. I'll be making oatmeal for breakfast, along with blueberries and vanilla yogurt.

I'll buy a few groceries in the next few days, enough to get through the week , just fruit and a few veggies. I think I'll even make bread on Friday.

Oh and I spent 35.00 on gas, 9.40 on tobacco, and 5.75 on a sub...

Thanks for everyones kind words over the past few posts! It can only get better from here!


Anonymous said…
You've got a lot going on! Sounds like you need some "you" time to relax. The massage would be good to start with, the exercise class sounds like fun (ha,ha! this from someone who doesn't like to exercise!) Take care of yourself, Sam.
ND Chic'c Cents said…
I'm not a nurturer but I am familiar with the different personality types. I think that you need to get a little more of the F- It attitude. I know that attitude doesn't usually go well in work places but if you're under a huge amount of stress it can really help. I have a really stressful job and I envy the people, usually men, who are just like F- It and don't let work get to them.

Make sure that you take care of yourself and do one nice thing for yourself every day. It can be as small as taking a bath or going for a walk.

Yes, get the massage! Nurturers need to take care of themselves. Have you looked up "Empaths"? Might give you a little insight.

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