Valentines Day felt more like St. Paddy's Day

Traditionally, we get a snow storm around St. Paddy's Day, a nice big storm that reminds us that winter is still here. The storm yesterday felt like a St. Paddy's storm. It was a bad one. I left for work earlier than normal, as I figured the roads would be rough. The roads weren't too bad, it was the white-out conditions that were bad. I could see on coming traffic, but I could not see the cars that were in front of me. I was suprised at myself, as I though I would have been much more nervous, but I put the truck in 4 wheel drive and headed out. There were parts of the drive where I would be going 80kms/h on the highway and other parts I could go the speed limit.

I ended up spending 52.00 for gas and tobacco, 4.00 at Tim's, 17.00 at the grocery store. I should manage not to spend any money today or Tomorrow. Thursday is pay day and I'll pay my bills and see what's left.


Canadian Saver said…
Oh? We didnt get much at all... But this morning the wind is blowing so hard it's not funny... The drive to work wasnt too bad though or maybe I'm getting used to it too?? Wish I had a 4 wheel drive sometimes!!
Anonymous said…
Sam, I'm always nervous driving in whiteout conditions and/or icy roads. I went in the ditch a couple years ago. Hope the weather starts getting better for you!
Sharon said…
Glad you are safe. Wow, you guys are sure getting the brundt of winter! Here's hoping for an early spring!

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