This too shall pass...

So today was fair, much better than the past two days at work. I will be spending at least 4 hours working however, it'll be at my kitchen table and using my own phone.

The drive home started out good, but I drove into white out conditions for the last hour or so of the drive. TG it was still light out, as I could at least see the road!

My plans for tonight, a nice, long soak in the tub, and I'm planning on watching "Survivors" ( a British TV show on Netflix). I watched 2 full episodes last night, and started to watch the third and realized that it was midnight! LOL

Today i spent 1.75 on a coffee... And I found out that one of the local stores has snow rakes in, so I'm off to buy one tomorrow morning! Oh, and I'm going to have to post new pictures of my mountain! It's looking very similar to photos from Feb 2009 ( remember the tunnel, or path I had dug?).

I get to work tomorrow night at my PT job and on Saturday! The extra money will be very sweet!


Jane said…
Wow - you're talking about Saturday already - this week seems to have passed by really quickly. Glad you're able to get a roof rake - looking forward to pictures!
Isn't it nice you don't have to drive tomorrow - lucky you:) Enjoy your Friday!
Maureen said…
It seems to be all work and no play for me just now, still you get to stay home for this next stint, lucky you.

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