So I killed the internet connection on my work computer

Yesterday I killed the wireless connection on my work computer. Not sure how, but the computer needs to be fixed by the IT Dept. I am such a muck-up when it comes this kind of stuff. No internet last night, no movies to watch, no facebook to play on. It was a long night... Today, I'm writing on a "borrowed" computer... I'll have to clean it well before I give it back... ( I don't want work people to read it).

DD won;t be coming home this weeke-nd, she'll come for a few days next week and it'll be a good visit. Less rushed, and she'll have a chance to see some friends as well.

My no spend month was a bust. I may shoot for April by preplanning everything, inclduing Easter... But I'll have to wait and see for sure, 'cause if I put my house on the market, I'll be putting out money on flooring, paint, etc...

I'll be back tomorrow night with a longer post!


Jane said…
Well I'm glad to know I'm not the ONLY one who kills stuff on their computers! I can now get on Facebook at work but not on my laptop??? I don't get it, probably something to do with cookies or pies he he but it was working fine a few days ago. Frustrating. Glad DD is coming for longer than a weekend as you have to share her time:)
Maureen said…
I am writing this comment on my brand new computer, and I,m loving it. The screen looks enormous after my little laptop screen.

Fortunately when it was delivered it was also installed, so in just a couple of minutes was up and running.

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