Slow Sunday, a hairy drive on Monday oh and Roll up the rim is back!

Sunday was a slow day. I got gas ( 52.00), and went to visit a friend and her two little girls. I ate Samosas, popcorn, brownies and oh, McDonald's. I also read, walked the dog, had my parents pop by with a rod and hangers for the curtains that my sister made on Friday.

Today was a bad drive to work. What normally takes me an hour and 45 minutes took two hours, fifteen minutes. I was stuck behind a plow and that was just agnony. ( I had one passing lane and the plow wouldn't pull over to allow traffic to pass).

The high light for my day? Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim is back! I didn't win anything, but it's fun to this that you can win a free coffee or even a Matrix!

I spent a total of 127.00 today, including coffee, rent and lunch out for a co-workers birhtday. ( one co-worker paid for the meal, I paid for mine and the tip).

DD is supposed to come home this week for a few days, I'll keep you posted if she does! I'll he home on Thursday night for the week-end and I don't work this week-end!


Anonymous said…
I sympathize with you on having to follow a snowplow! I had a bad drive this morning too with blowing and drifting snow and icy roads. I really couldn't see anything when I met semis. I am so looking forward to spring!
Jolie said…
I haven't been out today but I saw the ads for Roll up the Rim!!
Jane said…
LOL I won the chance to play again today with my Timmy's coffee - wheeeeeee! Hope your DD comes home this weekend since you aren't working - my fingers are crossed!
How frustrating to be behind that darn snowplow!! We don't have Tim Horton's here, but I have read about them... aren't they a donut shop?? Maybe I am confused! Hope your daughter visits!
jpkittie said…
what a horrible commute!!! glad you were safe! I dont' have a tim hortons around us...
The Witch said…
Ya for Tim's roll-up the rim. I'm sure there coffee sales must really perk up when they do this. I usually win a donut but my Dad won a coffee maker one year.
I hope DD comes home for a visit since you actually have a weekend off.

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